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Andrew Perry / Dead Wood - The Sweetest Meat

Image of Andrew Perry / Dead Wood - The Sweetest Meat


80 edition CDR on Striate Cortex

“Fine collaborative effort of three pieces of drone-play that slip between sine language, lunar waves and guitar-based music. It’s the disc’s least harsh, and most organic sounding piece, the opening ‘The Presentation’ that’s the most intriguing – sounding something akin to the hollowing out of the drone of shaking Hendrix notes. The Sweetest Meat succeeds, where many, many others fail in finding a sliver of the Arcanum between the solid and the insubstantial.”
Rocka Rolla

“Adam Baker is best known as the man behind Dead Wood and his Dirty Demos label who teams up here with Andrew Perry… These boys play drone music, like so many others. A bit dirty and lo-fi, but not too much, so it stays on the nice side. E-bowed tones mostly, a low grade effects. In ‘The Shove’ things are the most noisiest … decent enough.”
Vital Weekly

Available from Striate Cortex