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Andrew Perry / Utlity split tape

Image of Andrew Perry / Utlity split tape


Andrew Perry / Valour
25 minutes of crude cuts from the last year smashed together. Punctuating edits, live and studio recordings of overloaded strings and looped throats, repeating and growing, ‘Trying to find a door to leave a room, and when you do walk through, you’ve entered the place you just left. Ain’t nothing new under the sun my friend.’

UTILITY / Lines of Force
Degenerative synthesiser workout – Crawling LFO pulsing and Sample and Hold drone de-sequencing into overdriven static structure towards a sweeping acidic collapse.

C67, off white cassette, black printed inlay on white card – 2 variations of cover.

1 Track each per side.

Limited to 50, hand numbered.